Logos In Space
AZ Painted NASA Logo and Assembly Guidence Targets Beside Italian Made Raffaello Sign on the New Raffaello Module of the International Space Station STS100  

STS-100, April 2001

The Raffaello logistics module is backdropped over clouds and water on Earth. Endeavour’s 50-foot robotic arm, operated by astronaut Jeffrey S. Ashby, STS-100 pilot, had earlier grappled the logistics module in the shuttle's cargo bay and docked it to the Unity module. The Expedition Two crew was scheduled to begin the following day transferring food, supplies, equipment and two experiment racks for installation in Destiny from Raffaello to the station. The image was recorded with a digital still camera.

Reproduced from the NASA Website

AZ Technology produced black and white assembly targets on Raffaello, with AZ produced NASA logo and ASI produced sign.

Higher Resoloution Photo <1200 X 800>    
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