Logos In Space
AZ Produced Unity Emblem on First US Module of International Space Station Attached to Russian Zarya Control Module Against Blackness of Space STS088 600X400  

STS-088, December 1998

The U.S.-built Unity connecting module and the Russian-built Zarya module are backdropped against the blackness of space in this 70mm photograph taken from the Space Shuttle Endeavour. After devoting the major portion of its mission time to various tasks to ready the two docked modules for their International Space Station (ISS) roles, the six-member STS-88 crew released the tandem and performed a fly-around survey of the hardware.

Reproduced from the NASA Website

The AZ Technology painted Unity emblem depicting the NASA logo and US flag over the word Unity is visible at front of module.

Higher Resoloution Photo <1200 X 800>    
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