Logos In Space
White and Black Assembly Guidence Targets Adorn Unity Module of International Space Station With Earth Horizon Behind STS088  

STS-088, December 1998

Just a few feet away from a 70mm camera onboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour, the Russian-built control module and the U.S.-built Unity connecting module are mated in the shuttle's cargo bay. Using Endeavour's 50-ft. long Canadian-built Remote Manipulator System (RMS) robot arm, astronaut Nancy J. Currie working from the aft flight deck, plucked Zarya out of orbit at 5:47 p.m. (CST), December 6. The craft had been orbiting Earth for a little over 16 days prior to grapple and subsequent docking to Unity.

Reproduced from the NASA Website

AZ Technology produced black and white assembly targets lighted by the Earth.

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